Al Aman: Barcelona - Beirut




Direction and Screenwriting  |  Dania Saliba
Production and Sound  |  Borja Barrera
Cinematography  |  Marc Guanyabens
Executive Production  |  Víctor Alonso

Stories of women from both sides of the Mediterranean

A short film which explores the parallelisms between the lives of two refugee women: one in the Lebanon, the other one in Barcelona.

A documentary produced with the collaboration of Associació Catalana per la Pau.

Najwa and Meera do not know each other. Najwa lives in Beirut; Meera in Barcelona. Najwa wants to become a cinema director; Meera would like to work as a doctor. So what do they have in common? They are both seventeen year olds, who fled from Syria to escape from the war. Now they need to find their place in societies which are not always welcoming. From both sides of the Mediterranean Sea, they proudly assume their identity not only as refugees, but also as teenagers and women.


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