The Brave Class

at the Distribution phase


Our reality changes depending on the words we use to define it: The Brave Class is a social experiment about the impact the political language has on our view of the world. During the electoral campaign in 2015, the documentary crew tried to introduce a concept in the common parlance of politicians and experts in communication in order to reveal the manipulation devices used in politics. The challenge involved dozens of people, who carried out public interventions, street art and other forms of social activism.

The documentary also includes the analysis by more than 20 experts such as Owen Jones, George Lakoff, Íñigo Errejón, Christian Salmon or Iñaki Gabilondo, among other key players in the political communication field.

A production with the collaboration of Compacto and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


George Lakoff
Linguist (University of California, Berkeley)

Owen Jones
Writer, author of "Chavs"

Christian Salmon
Writer, author of "Storytelling"

Iñaki Gabilondo

Íñigo Errejón
Doctor in Political Science

Javier Zarzalejos
Fundación FAES Secretary

Luis Alegre
Doctor in Philosophy

Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí
Communication Advisor

David Rédoli
Communication Advisor

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
Communication Advisor

Marc Rius
Fundació Nous Horitzons director

Agustí Colomines
Teacher and essayist

Esther Niubó
Fundació Rafael Campalans President

Josep Huguet
Fundació Josep Irla President

José Manuel Martínez
Partit Popular a Catalunya Communication Chief

Estrella Montolío
Professor of Spanish Language

Berta Barbet, Carles A. Foguet i Edgar Rovira
Political Scientists, members of Cercle Gerrymandering


Direction  |  Víctor Alonso Berbel

Compacto Production  |  Aritz Cirbián

Fractal 7 Production  |  Borja Barrera Allué   |  Jan Matheu Montserrat

UPF Delegate Production  |  Jordi Balló  |  Aitor Martos

Screen-writers |  Víctor Alonso |  Borja Barrera |  Jan Matheu

Cinematography  |  Alba Bosch |  Laura Carrillo |  Marcel Pascual

Production Design  |  Marina Pérez  |  Júlia Latorre

Production Assistants  |  Alba Cid  |  Sofía Esteve

Sound  |  Adrià Rambán  |  Víctor Tort  |  Iban Rodríguez

Cast |  Adrià Olay  |  Meritxell Termes  |  Txema Escorsa

Legal Advisor  |  Ariadna Rigau